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      My name is Nashmin Riazi

I live in England but am originally from Iran.  I'm an abstract and expressionist artist. 


I have been painting for over 27 years and started off as a realist painter. 

As a little girl, I used to draw on anything I could see.  On my hands, on my face, on the walls of the house, later on the class bench and on the blackboard with white chalk or colored chalks, on the school floor, etc.  


Seeing my love for painting, my mother sent me to painting classes. Later, when I grew up, I learned realistic nature painting from several renowned teachers. 

Later, I was admitted to university for Art, but due to the revolution in my country and the political situation, I was not allowed to study academically!


I immigrated to Germany and learned fabric dyeing and design in a fabric factory in Hannover.  Later, I emigrated from Germany to England and learned painting with the figures of live models.  All this helped me to learn the creation of space, textures and patterns in the work of painting. I was a realistic painter until 2016, when I met and fell in love with the abstract painting style.


My familiarity with the abstract style pushed me to another world.  The imaginary and unreal world that my mind was always searching for.  Illustrating with color and sometimes combining different materials made me aware of the creativity inside and I use it for my paintings. In addition to my interest in illustrating and colour, I believe painting activates my creativity and my awareness. I love the shapes and colours that appear naturally when I let my mind run free.


I’ve exhibited my work in different parts of the world such as England, Iran and Spain and continue to work on my craft daily. 

Artist. Poet. Writer.

My interest in poetry and literature originates from my teenage years.  

Reading books and especially poetry brought me closer to the world around me, broadened my perspective, responded to my feelings and sometimes tears flowed from my eyes.  

Later, as an adult, I decided to write quotes and poems and because my poems were welcomed on social media, I decided to publish them.

The result of my efforts are two books of poetry in  native language. One of them is a collection of my poems and paintings, and the other is just classical poems. I have also written several poems in English, which I like to share.


I feel like God when I give myself to the colors and a new creation is born.
I feel free when the colours run after each other and collide together! 
I feel like I walk on clouds when my brush allows to go for any movement and any standing 

Francini de cafe Colombia .jpeg

Commission Artwork

Some of my works are being displayed in coffee shops and libraries around Worcestershire, England.

Further, I have done wall painting commissions and also taught occasionally. 


If you have an inquiry for a commission work, let's connect. 

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